VeriSM™ Professional

Enhance your leadership skills for the Digital Era of Service Management
The VeriSM™ Professional certification tests a candidate’s knowledge of, and skills in, applying VeriSM™ in an organization. Those certified as VeriSM™ Professional understand the impact of digital transformation on the organization and on people, consumers as well as staff. They are able to translate strategic direction into a successful operating environment. The certified VeriSM™ Professional has proven his or her ability to create and use a Management Mesh that is based on the organization’s current portfolio, principles, and governance needs. After creating or adapting the Management Mesh, a VeriSM™ Professional is able to manage the product or service through the Define, Produce, Provide and Respond stages.


  • 16 hours of classroom / instructor led training
  • Accredited courseware
  • Accredited Instructor
  • Sample Mock Test
  • Case Studies / Scenarios
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Certification Exam



VeriSM™ Professional course is ideal for:

  • Middle and senior managers from all business disciplines, who are tasked with the execution of strategy, the operation of business functions that form part of the enterprise’s value chain and the design and use of a Management Mesh.
  • Consultants and coaches, who will assist an enterprise with the implementation of VeriSM and the planning, building and execution of the VeriSM model and Management Mesh.
  • Junior managers, who aspire to fulfil any of the above roles.

Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:-

  • Optimize the organizational business ecosystem, reducing costs and resources
  • Increase the readiness from Top Management to make decisions about the organizational direction
  • Be ready to adopt emerging technologies in order to create competitive advantage for the business
  • Take advantage of the Digital Transformation Era to innovate the organization’s services for digital customers
  • Increase the customer satisfaction and loyalty based on a service culture
  • Better select internal and/or external professionals to become Digital Leaders within the organization and save business time with recruitment and retaining the work-force
  • Increase the capacity of the work-force to achieve the business and customers goals overcoming the main challenges that can be faced
  • Improve the organization internal and/or external communication to avoid misunderstandings
  • Perform business change without creating service disruption

Module 1: A digital world
Module 2: Digital leadership and structure
Module 3: Transformation techniques
Module 4: Governance and strategy
Module 5: Applying VeriSM™
Module 6: Promoting VeriSM™


The prerequisites to attend the VeriSM professional course and exam are that you have either:
Attended and passed a VeriSM Foundation course and exam
Attended and passed an ITIL Foundation course and exam


Format: Closed Book
Delivery: Paper based
Questions: 20 Multiple Choice
Passing Score: 65% (26 out of 40)
Duration: 120 Minutes

  • High-impact learning with case studies
  • Delivered by certified instructors
  • Targeted learning for real projects

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