Star Cyber Forensic Expert – Network and Virtualization

Star Cyber Forensic Xpert – Network and Virtualization (SCFX) is the most advanced certification in the field of information security. This certification focuses on the two most commonly faced areas of forensic investigation – virtualization and network. SCFX certification provides the practical knowledge of the what, when, where, who and why of an incident within a network and virtual infrastructure. This course first provides the knowledge of various network forensics scenarios and then moves towards the concepts required to investigate the virtual environments.

  • 24 hrs of classroom / instructor-led training
  • Accredited Instructor with industry experience
  • Authorized Coureware
  • Case Studies & real-world examples
  • Practical Labs
  • End of chapter quizzes and simulation exams
  • Certification exam included


  • Network Operation Center (NOC)
  • Security Operational Center (SOC)
  • Research Development Center
  • System/Data Security officer
  • Space research Center
  • System security/ Data security Officer
  • Scientist
  • Big Data Analytics Expert
  • Intelligent bureau,
  • Cyber Detective
  • Government defense cyber security department
  • Reserve bank Cyber security department

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand digital evidence and network forensics
  • Monitor and analyse network traffic like packets, statistical flow and protocol
  • Perform forensics on wireless networks and malware
  • Investigate network IDS, web proxies, network devices and firewalls
  • Set up desktop and server virtualization
  • Investigate virtual environments and infrastructures
  • Deploy advanced authentication methods
  • Describe cloud computing and forensics

Domain 1. Basics of Networks and Forensics
Module 1: Introduction to Digital Evidence and Forensics
Module 2: Networking Fundamentals
Module 3: Acquiring Network Evidence

Domain 2. Analyzing Network Traffic
Module 4: Analyzing Protocol, Packets, Flow and Traffic
Module 5: Analyzing Statistical Flow
Module 6: Performing Wireless Network Forensics

Domain 3. Investigating Network Devices, Servers and Logs
Module 7: Investigating Network Intrusion Detection Systems
Module 8: Investigating Switches, Routers and Firewalls
Module 9: Investigating Web Proxies
Module 10: Investigating, Collecting and Analyzing Event Logs
Module 11: Exploring Network Tunnels
Module 12: Malware Forensics

Domain 4: Introducing Virtualization
Module 13: Insights on Virtualization
Module 14: Desktop Virtualization
Module 15: Server Virtualization

Domain 5: Virtualization and Forensics
Module 16: Imaging Virtual Environments
Module 17: Investigating Dead and Live Virtual Environments
Module 18: Investigating Virtual Infrastructure
Module 19: Securing Traffic in a XenApp and XenDesktop Environment
Module 20: Implementing Advanced Authentication Methods for XenApp and XenDesktop
Module 21: Virtualization Challenges
Module 22: Cloud Computing and Forensics

  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in networking and must have a Computer Forensics certification, who want to enhance knowledge for conducting investigations in network and virtual environments.

Format: Closed-book
Delivery: Online
Questions: 90 multiple choice questions
Passing Score: 70%
Duration: 180 Minutes

    • High-impact learning with case studies
    • Delivered by certified instructors
    • Targeted learning for real projects

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