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  • Internet of Things (IOT)

    Star IoT Security Specialist

    The Star IoT Security Xpert (SISX) is the most advanced certification in the information security domain. This certification focuses on securing the Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The SISX certification provide the knowledge of IoT architecture, attacks, threats and risks, penetration testing and securing connected devices. The course starts with the key concepts of IoT and its security, and then …

  • Internet of Things (IOT)

    Star IoT Specialist

    Star IoT Specialist is a certification program that introduces learners to the key concepts of Internet of Things (IoT). The program helps the learners acquire a fundamental understanding of IoT systems from sensors to SoC board integration, further to constrained IoT environment. The SEIS program also guides the learners to create web interface to IoT system and perform data analytics …

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