Planning and Monitoring is one of the major parts of every project as we all very well known that Planning is the “Back Bone” of the projects. If we can prepare and implementing a good schedule and timely monitoring of the progress, certainly we can improve the project as per the Scheduled date. One of the major things is Schedule adherence, there are different types of schedules are using in projects for better understanding and monitoring. The project schedules generally used in my executed projects are L1-Schedules, L2 Schedules, L3-Schedules, L4-Schedules, and L5-Micro resource Schedules .L5- micro resource schedules are one of the detailed and micro ones, in another way we can say that it is detailed micro-planning for Bottom level monitoring.  One of the major task what I faced in my projects was schedule Risk analysis, we can say that always task will not go as planned, every project has different kinds of risks, may it will impact a negative float on running projects you know if we can analyze the risk during monitoring, always it will create a positive impact in the projects. PERT Master (Primavera Risk Analyzer) is a major tool for analyzing the risk. Once we can analyze the risk then only, can prepare the Mitigation and Catch up plans. There are two types of mitigation plans generally using in a project “Pre-Mitigation Plans and “Post Mitigation Plans” we will be discussing the same in the coming pages. Another major important part of the project is Material Management. You know very well that the entire project is depending upon the Materials, so our duty to analyze the material requirement and timely feed up. For a better material flow as a planner, we all can prepare week wise and Month wise Look ahead plan.

Project Schedules and it’s Implementations (Level of schedules):

Schedules have a vital role in a project, depending upon the project natures we can develop 5 types of schedules L1, L2, L3, L4, and L5. L3, L4and L5 schedules are the detailed breakups of the tasks and in these schedules, we can break the activities multiple times. From L4 onwards we can apply the integrated scheduling technique. In integrated scheduling generally touching the package wise and area wise for reducing the complexity at the site level.L5 is detailed Micro planning of the projects, using this we can monitor bottom level information as well as we can do wise and better resource planning and management. Manpower also we can segregate block wise and Gang wise. We can prepare all the above-said schedules with the help of Primavera or MS-Projects.

Project Plans and its implementation:

At the site level, we can implement the different types of planning for site activities and site progress tracking. Once plans are prepared, we can easily monitor the slippage of the activities, and same time we can prepare the Catch-Up plans and further mitigation.

Construction plans

  • Preparation of Month wise Look ahead plans (1 &2 Month Lookahead).
  • Preparation of Week wise look ahead plans.
  • Preparation of Daily planning

Project Risk analysis and monitoring techniques: –

To ensure the successful completion of the project it is of utmost importance for the planning person to find ways to handle project uncertainties that can pose the potential risk for a project. Project Risk analysis is an iterative task.  We know that that risk can relate to any aspect of the project. To screw or drive the project as per the scheduled date the only way is to identify the risk and develop a risk response plan, for the preparation of the risk response plan it is to determine the impact of the risk. To identify the risk of the projects we can use the Primavera P6 Risk Analysis (PERT Master). Primavera Risk analysis which was formerly known as PERT MASTER, by using this we can monitor and identify the performing schedule and cost risk analysis and we can track and manage both qualitative and quantitative project risk and its impacts and its response plans.

The key features of the Primavera Risk analysis (Pert master) are

  • Schedule check
  • Templated quick risk
  • Risk register wizard
  • Risk register (Quantitative & Qualitative)
  • Risk analysis
  • Development risk model
  • Reviewing the results and reports/Charts

Risk Analysis Steps-Flow diagram

PERT Master & Monte Carlo Analysis

Pert Master /Oracle Primavera Risk analysis is generally using the principle and philosophy of “Monte Carlo Analysis”. By using the Monte Carlo analysis method we can monitor many possible projects completion dates and most likely budget required for the project, using Mote Carlo analysis with the help of Primavera P6 Risk analysis we can able to derive the probability curve of every task of the schedule. Another Major important thing using this technique we can analyze the project is running within the budgeted cost or not, and what is the chance means the probability of the completion of the project with the help of iteration process and curves and charts.

Project risk response and Mitigation Plans:

Mitigation plans always create a vital role in every project. Using risk mitigation plans we can reduce the risk and delays in the schedules and also we can increase the probability of final project completion within time as per the pre-decided schedule. Generally, there are two types of mitigation plans are using in a project.

  • Pre-Mitigation plan
  • Post-Mitigation plan

By using the mitigation plans we can categorize the affected risk into different levels as per the score that we are given.

  • High risk > 23
  • Medium risk >5
  • Low risk <=5

Once we analyzed the scoring result, we can reduce the level of risk with help of Post-mitigation plans

Material management and monitoring with look ahead plans:

As we know that material management is one of the finest parts of the project, so material management has a key role in the successful completion of the project. It needs to be identified before any project,” What is the minimum WBS requirement while starting the project initially. So, it is the prime duty of a planner to identify the minimum WBS requirement of the site and the same thing has to be intimated to Project and procurement teams to materials flow. And another most important thing in material management preparation of look-ahead plans regarding the site progress and condition. The following key points we can implement at the site with. Preparation of material look ahead plans (Generally we can implement at 15 days material requirement plan, one month look ahead plans and two months look ahead plans) with the help of Primavera, MS Project, and MS excel.

  • Tracking the material flow.
  • Preparation of material plan Vs actual.
  • Preparation of material delay report.
  • Timely reporting to project managers.
  • Maintain materials inwards and outwards register by using SAP or MS excel.
  • Preparation of material actual Vs erected reports.
  • Proper material reconciliation.

Value of Project Review Team Meetings (PRT):

We can conduct project review meetings, VC every month-end. Using PRT meetings the flow of projects and the coming month targets and requirements, and major risk of the projects everything we can discuss in front of a table. We can implement the Mid –PRT Meetings after every 15 days at the site level for the preparation of the Month-end PRT. And also we can implement the presence of personals from each department of the projects.

Major preparation what we can implement at the site for PRT Meetings

  • Preparation Project status as of the date
  • Preparation of Next month target plans
  • Preparation of Materials look ahead plans and Material Plan Vs Actual report with detailed delay
  • Preparation of next month meeting calendar.

If we can implement a great team for Project review with all the latest software and technologies surely we can mitigate and reduce project risk, and implementation of detailed schedules and updating of schedules as per site progress, we will achieve project completion within time. Major preparation what we can implement at the site for PRT Meetings



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